Class Notes – Feb. 2, 2015

Changing Concepts of News

-know how to do everything . especially write (all aspects)

– think online when it comes to journalism

– print isnt exactly breaking the news anymore

– different delivery methods for news (blogs, podcasts)

– everyone has a voice, everyone

– less is more with text

– things change and update constantly

– if you know numbers, you can be a better journalist

– know the story and why you’re writing it and who you’re writing to

– who, what, where, when, why

– reporting is important***

– correcting and editing

– Elements of news: timeliness, proximity, unusual nature (rare, not normal), human interest (emotion), conflict (between people, etc), impact (reaction), helpfulness, entertainment, issues in the community, trends and hot topics

Characteristics of a reporter

– persistent, fair, knowledgeable (KNOW WHAT YOURE TALKING ABOUT), enterprising (look for stories, researching), courageous, thick skinned (just brush it off), compassionate (know how to talk to people)

Key Takeaways

– think of ways to present your story (creativity, presentation (videos, pictures, graphs)), does your story need multimedia, plan to update across platforms (sell/put yourself out there), USE SOCIAL MEDIA

Basic News Story

Finding the Focus

– ask yourself what the story is really about

– think of your audience (does anyone care? how will they be affected

Elements of a basic news story

– Headline, Lead (the hook that tells the reader what the story is about), Nut Graph (sentence/paragraph that states the main point (first two paragraphs is the basic, who, what, where ..), everything else

– quotes are important, be objective and ethical, all about facts, ACCORDING TO WHO***

– after the lead, follow up with a quote, then get on to more context after

Inverted Pyramid*

– all the big things are on the top, most important is on the top(5 W’s) and least important is one the bottom

Remember This…

-Accuracy of face and language, Brevity in making the point, Clarity so no one is confused (ABC**)

– whats the next story, always be a step ahead**


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