Interview a Classmate Assignment

Laura Erle, a sophomore majoring in drama here at Hofstra University, is a very kindly and talented individual to get to know. Coming from Macungie, PA, Laura has found it a blessing that she has the opportunity to study at such a wonderful university that gives her the chance to study something she feels passionate for, especially after struggling to find the right school that would push her into the right direction to follow her dreams. Her major? DRAMA (alongside Public Relations and Musical Theatre as minors)!

Laura loves to sing, act, and dance. All of which are incorporated into the drama major as well as the musical theatre minor. From the time she was 6, Laura was already partaking in ballet classes. For her 8th birthday, she was taken to an Acting Camp where a woman, whose grand-daughter was sharing the stage with Laura, asked her to audition for the community theatre show that she was directing. Laura did and as a result obtained the child lead as Music Man. Immediately, Laura got hooked. Since then, she started doing at least 4 shows per year and has been hard at work trying to perfect her skills like any great performer. This past semester she landed the lead in Batboy the Musical here at Hofstra University as well as a play titled “Slovs” where she had to act as an 80 year old Russian man. As for her singing, she went from singing Disney princess songs as a little girl to ranking in 2nd place as the best alto in the state of Pennsylvania in the states competition her senior year of high school.

Broadway music as well as Indie music are Laura’s favorite music genres to listen to. “I can do pop and rap at times,” she said, “but it’s just not my thing.” Her favorite Broadway show is “Pippen”, she just finished filming for a short Indie film, and has traveled to some countries in Europe bringing along her talented singing voice. She aspires to one day make it on Broadway.


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