2/24 Notes

Stages of the writing process

Conceive the idea – what was the most interesting item from your reporting?

Collect the information – get the basics: w, w, w, w, w, and h

Construct the story – plan an order of context

Correct and edit – context, accuracy, cut jargon, check grammar

The writer’s art

Guide to good writing

– make sure you understand the event, start writing after you find the focus, show (don’t tell), put good quotes and human interest high in story, put relevant illustrations or anecdotes high, avoid judgements and inferences-facts will talk, don’t raise questions you can not answer in writing, [write simply, succinctly, honestly, and quickly]

Writing Tips

Things to think about;

– Clarity: must be make sense for the reader

– Punctuation: English class helps here

– Sentence length: each sentence should carry only one idea. Cut if it’s not

– Transitions:

*contrasts; but, however, nevertheless, instead, on the other hand, otherwise, yet, nonetheless, farther.

*comparisons; likewise, similarly


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