Profile/Feature Writing 3/31

Purpose of Features

– they are detailed articles are detailed pieces of writing which explore a range of issues, opinions, experiences and ideas

– longer in length, text, space, etc.

– should appeal to the particular audience the article is targeting

Story Structure

– Tease –> What the story is about –> Evidence to support your theme –> Make it clear and memorable

Steps to Writing

– develop a focus/theme

– use descriptive techniques (analogies, limit physical descriptions, use lively verbs)

– foreshadow and create tone

Beginning of Feature

– first paragraph outlines the theme/subject, provokes the readers interest by making unusual statement, provide necessary background, invite reader to take sides, heighten drama of an event or incident to intensify its appeal, establish writers tone, create relationship between the writer and the reader

Heart of Feature

– middle consists of a number of paragraphs that expand the main topic of the article

– subheadings, facts & statistics, personal viewpoints, opinions from authorities and experts, quotes and interviews, anecdotes and stories, specific names, places and dates, photographs, tables, diagrams and graphs.

Wrap the Feature Story

– Concluding sections should leave a lasting impression by:

– reminding the reader of the article’s main media

– suggesting an appropriate course of action

– encouraging a change of attitude or opinion

Thinking about the big picture

– what kind of additional things should you look for?

– follow up stories, can this be a series?

– how can you present this story on the web?

– photos/videos

– social media updates/marketing for feature

Reporting techniques

– establish chronology, gather DETAILS


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