Class Notes: Writing for Digital

Key Ingredients for Digital Journalism

-ability to tell a story, summarizing, quick pieces, providing context, understanding all multimedia elements

Keys to Being an INNOVATIVE digital journalist

-think critically, appreciate new ideas and technology, be mobile (phone=lifeline), think outside the box

Elements of News

Timeliness, Proximity, Impact, Magnitude, Conflict, Novelty, Emotional appeal

Writing Tips

-Inverted Pyramid, Who;What;Where;When;Why;How, Short and sweet, attribution and sourcing still applies

Tips for writing: Mobile

-focus on what users actually need on the move, cut ruthlessly, dont forget Search Engine Optimization, keep the content self contained

Understanding Your Audience

-you’ll need to know your core demographic before you can begin reporting

-you should plan your coverage around the people who are reading your content the most

-is there room for more content that covers a broader range?

-why does the audience matter? Time, energy, budget; dont put in the resources if they arent going to be utilized affectively


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