Blogging/Entrepreneurial Journalism

Blog VS Tradtitional Media

  • Opinion vs Objectivity
  • No set style vs proper style
  • completely online vs print/online/tv
  • citizen journalists vs trained journalists
  • anyone can do it vs hire by company
  • free vs biz team needed

Popular blogs 

  1. Huff Po
  2. TMZ
  3. Business Insider
  4. Gawker
  5. Mashable
  6. Perez Hilton
  7. Tech Crunch

Why are they Popular?

  • focus on one subject area
  • packed with information
  • perfect amount of multimedia
  • mix between paid/unpaid writers/ editors/bloggers
  • “What’s now” content … hip, unique, trendy

Blog Basics 

  • more characteristics defining a blog
  • unique content, some related to specific niche
  • frequently updated – new content should be at the top
  • every entry has a headline/body text/hyperlinks
  • contains a spot for reader comments/ feedback
  • San Jose Mercury News added a blog in 1999 and changed journalism
  • every newspaper has blogs
  • every major newspaper has broken news via blogs
  • many reporters are asked to run blogs

Creating a Blog

  • make a plan: editorial/business
  • choose a blog system – blogger/wordpress/custom
  • choose a theme/design
  • extras/gadets/widgets
  • build your audience

Tips for Bloggers

  • Organize your ideas
  • Be direct and to the point
  • Use appropriate language and style
  • Be the authority with a personality
  • Link, summarize and analyze
  • Be specific with headlines/tagging
  • Post early/post often
  • Use images and multimedia elements
  • Participate in the community social network
  • Write less and with conviction

Planning Multimedia

  • Assess situation for adding multimedia to your story and platform
  • Photo galleries
  • Photo slideshows
  • Audio, video, info graphics

Tips on info layering 

  • You have all this content? how do you place it in nonlinear format on your platform and have it make sense?
  • Create each element to stand alone
  • Only include redundancies that are necessary
  • Avoid editing your ideas in early stages of planning … having too much is not a bad thing, you can always cut down or spread the content out (follow up?). having too little is a problem

Entrepreneurial Journalism 

  • You should know how to build a media platform before trying to build a media brand. They go hand in hand, but the work behind the brand is what actually counts for the reporters/editors/journalists
  • You need to think and act as a publisher, business development executive in some aspects of journalism. the industry dictates this evolution. you’ll be better off.

Taking Advantage of Opportunity 

  • How do you open a new product and change the new media frontier?
  • Engagement: no longer are journalists expected to shout the news from a remote location, they are on the ground with the people. It’s a form of news collaboration, according to Briggs.
  • Building trust: being transparent with the audience and giving them what they want in an online medium
  • Embracing diversity of voice: you must be open to different view points through different dispersal methods. fair and balanced with the submersion of new media technologies.

What makes a successful start up?

  • Quality content pays
  • Understanding how to do business while being a journalist
  • test, test and test some more
  • pick a niche and go deep
  • target audiences for targeted advertising
  • check out the new app economy
  • be ethical and stick with it
  • analyze common traits of other successful startups, both positive and negative
  • learn how some blogs have grown into big businesses or other mediums like books or magazines
  • get inspired by others who have beat the odds
  • set your own goals and achieve

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