Assignment No. 1: Biz Plan

My blog would focus on skateboarding and more specifically the skateboarding being done in Long Island/NYC being that I’m located here on the island.

My demographic would be anyone who is interested in and loves skateboarding. Usually kids starting from the age of 8 all the way to an older crowd pushing 30 years of age. These are the people generally interested in skateboarding. I would start with the local area and work my way up from there using social media alone. Eventually I would love to gain high attention in California.

Executing coverage would mainly consist of taking photos and videos of skateboarders. So obviously I would have to be out there skating and filming a lot with a team or just a group of people that I always skate with. It would consist of going to multiple street spots and skate parks all across the island and the city. We could have a video/photo of the week and that sort of stuff and save up clips for weekly montages. I have a DSLR camera that shoots hd videos with different lenses that would be used for the more serious filming and for the just hanging around clips, an iPhone will do.

Obviously I would have this blog to start of. But the essentials would be instagram so that the pictures and mini clips could shine, twitter just for more open content to put out there & YouTube for the weekly montages. I would even consider snapchat so that we could engage with the audience more. More clips, behind the scenes of a skate session and pictures of locations and where you can find us skating.

For now it would consist of myself and a select few of my friends that I skate with. I can’t be there for every skate session that takes place with the homies so for those occasions, I would assign different people to take photos or film whatever goes down that day for more content. It would have to be volunteer work at first being that I’m not making any money off this. Paying workers would commence if the company decides to come out with products and not just videos and photos.

  1. How-To Videos: Here we would take a trick and break it down so that we can teach those who view the video how to approach the trick and hopefully learn it. I would try to include a very basic text as to how to do the trick and then go into much more detail in the video.
  2. Photo/Clip of the Week: In this section I would post either a skating photo or a single clip that was taken during the week. If we were to not obtain one from the people that I skate with, I would pick one from the random kids that use a hashtag that I would start on Instagram.
  3. Video Montages: This section would be the actual video montages of a particular spot or of many spots. These would be closer to what a skate video is.
  4. Meet the Skaters: This section would resemble something close to Humans of New York. Only instead of random people walking down the street it could be random skateboarders at the skate park or spot. We would take their picture and have them tell us how they started skateboarding, what it means to them or other skate related topics or experiences. We could feature them on our instagram/blog/website.
  5. Culture Update: Since skateboarding has it’s own culture, it would be ideal to stay up to date with what’s going on in the skateboarding industry the same way someone stays up to date in the sports world. So things like new videos that are being released, events, contest results and so on could be found on our website.


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